The leaves are whispering tonight...

I wonder what they're saying. Perhaps they're singing? Or telling secrets?

It's a wonderful sound, to hear the leaves dancing. I was walking home tonight from hanging out with Natasha (shout out to you girlie, much love.) and the sun was setting. It cast a golden glow on the already golden leaves. I listened to Love Story as I read Natasha's letter and walked along the quiet path and once again, I felt something in the wind. Change. This autumn, this winter... things will be different and wonderful. Or at least, that's what I hope I "heard".
For now, I'm going to go to bed listening to the leaves sing me to sleep.


Uncommon Girl said...

Hi My name is Elyse walker and I love your blog! "An ongoing Journy top womanhood" is one of my blogs

Lydia said...

Hey Bethany! I just wanted to thank you for linking to my site! It looks like you have some neat photography going on here! I'll be praying for your grandpa and family.