So, I despise Spanish. Actually, I just despise learning it. It's a fine language, and kudos to you if you can speak it or do speak it. Honestly. You're totally awesome. Me, however? I'm totally and completely English. Seriously-- one of my anscestors was William Brewster and he was on the Mayflower, you know, that ship that came over from Holland, origionally from England, to see religious freedom? Yeah. I should totally run for president. *wink* Actually, the last thing I'd like to do is be President. If you do, kudos to you. And Mr. President, if you're reading this and-I-don't-know-why-you-would, kudos to you too.
Ah, the elections. I hate politics, though I find it fascinating. I just hate the commercials and the brochures and the lies and all of the crud that comes with it. Kudos to you if you enjoy it. :)
The economy, I hear, is going down hill. I'm not too worried, as it's a cycle. It's constantly changing. But it does stink for those who are hurt by it, so kudos to you for stickin' through it.
Ever had a Kudos bar? They were a favorite when I was a little girl. I don't know if they make them anymore, but they sure were wonderful. Mmmmm. I remember getting them in my lunch when I was in kindergarten and first grade.
I got Sleeping Beauty on Blu-Ray with a DVD version in the mail today! Sleeping Beauty is my all time favorite movie. It's terribly wonderful and romantic. Plus, there are several Biblical principles in the movie: good trumps evil, evil should die and good endure, love conquers all (Ok, well His love does. :D ), we should wait for our princes and Prince, etc... I totally love it. If i just painted my walls pink, pulled out all of my Sleeping Beauty knick knacks, put away all of my random knick knacks, put up my white canopy, and got a pink duvet, I could totally have a Sleeping Beauty themed room. Yep. Truly. :)
I know I haven't posted photos for awhile. That's because other than for yearbook, I haven't taken any good ones. But I might have some brand new ones within the next couple of weeks. I don't know if it'll happen yet, but this would be something I've never ever ever dones before. Something wonderful. Almost as good as a wedding. :) So we'll see. :)

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