It's Halloween...

It rained for the first time this fall last night. Appropriate, no?
It's Halloween, and I have nothing truly special planned. I'll go with my mom and Olivia for Trick-Or-Treating tonight, and my two best friends are probably coming over. Maybe I'll make a quick trip to Ralph's and Longs to pick up some festive things. My mom has been sick all week and for the first year of my life (Or so I assume... those early years are a little fuzzy.) we don't have Jack-O-Lanterns. Or pumpkins. Or Halloween decor. Barely any fall decor. It's a tad depressing. Oh wait, I'm broke. *Great*. Usually we buy pumpkins at a local ranch/pumpkin patch about a week in advance, carve them a day or so before Halloween, and we never forget to decorate. This week has been messed up.
I went to the doctor last week. I need to stretch my Illiotibial band in my legs-- they run from the hip to the knee. Mine has been tightened, causing me these ridiculous problems. I started physical therapy last week and it's going well-- I love everyone there. It's like one big family, and even the patients/clients get along fantastically. I can already feel improvements.
I went to a valley wide youth group outreach on Wednesday at my old church. It was a wonderful, strange, sad, weird, horrible, amazing night. I'm thankful that God allowed me to go to it-- I thought I wouldn't be able to, but He was so gracious.
Photography wise-- I'll be doing some portraits for a 1 year old and family portraits of him and his family as a gift from one of my good friends. Also, I'm shooting this same friend's nephew's birthday party. I'm really excited-- it's going to turn out great, I'm sure!
I will throw a party when the elections are over. I hear one more comment, see one more commercial... I might scream. And if you know me, you've heard my famous blood curdling scream. It's great. Anyway...
I wonder what kind of Halloween treats you can make with absolutely nothing? Heh. I could make pancakes and buy some canned pumpkin to add in with the single dollar bill that I have that I actually owe to my dad... I'll probably do that. It's girl's night in, I suppose. I have no actual Halloween plans this year. I'm not allowed to trick-or-treat (My mom thinks I'm too old, lol.) and I wasn't invited to any parties or anything. I don't even go to school to get to show off my costume... which I don't actually have. So Halloween is feeling kind of lame.

I have school to do.... Hear the reluctance in my voice? It's wonderful, no? ;)
Happy Halloween. I hope yours is more fabulous than mine.

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