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I just entered a fabulous random giveaway from one of my all time favorite blogs, the one that introduced me to the ever fabulous world of design and pretty things, Design Mom. She posts fabulous things, mostly to do with children. But this contest, oh yeah, this one is fabulous for anything.
I also now seem to be subscribing to the fabulous magazine, Real Simple. It's my all time favorite magazine. I'm really dragging out reading my October (They send 'em out early I suppose. I got it on Tuesday...) issue, reading a little every day. It's so fabulous.
What Not to Wear is my current favorite show. It's fabulous. And the clothes are fabulous.
I haven't tried the new youth group yet for various reasons, but I promised a friend that I'll give it a chance. Next week, perhaps. This week and last week I had ballet, but next week my schedule will return to normal.
I haven't done a lot of photography lately. Partly due to the weather-- humid, hot, dreadful. Partly due to my busyness-- my grandpa is dying and my family is all having a field day, etc etc.
We joined the YMCA. After I see my doctor, I'll probably be able to use a few machines in the gym, swim, and join in on a pilates class, all of which are low impact.
Speaking of which, my knees have gotten worse. Both of my hip joints have been affected in the same way as well, so a lot of standing positions are incomfortable.
I'm on yearbook again this year, which should be interesting. We have a super small team-- I think there's only 3 or 4 of us. I'm the only one who has actual experience on the yearbook, even the director, my friend's mom, has never done it, but she knows the program better than anyone, so it's cool.
I'm also taking 3 classes with my friend Taylor and her mom (The yearbook director, actually.) We're doing home ec, British literature, and Spanish. The first two aren't so bad. Spanish is dreadful, of course. It is *not* fabulous. ;)
Hasta la vista.

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Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds said...

Fabulous! :)

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BTW, I enjoyed breezing through some of your photography...I'm a semi-professional myself and love discovering that moment of surprising beauty! For fun, you might try playing with some lighting--early morning, esp. If you shoot digital, you have all kinds of room to experiment so try some "no-nos"--like shooting backlit objects. I mostly shoot people--though I play some, too. It becomes almost a ministry seeking to find the beauty in each person. :)