Wordle is extremely addicting, as well as easy to use. I'll be sure to use it in scrapbooking.
Went on a photowalk last week for the first time in months. Not only has it been too hot, I haven't been inspired.

I got one of the actions I uploaded to work. Thank you, Elusive Actions! Adobe? I have a bias against you.

I was excited to finally find some of that beauty I'd been longing for. I took along my iPod and talked to God. I thought about the past and the future. I'm ready to commit to this new church, SCBC, if it's in His will for us to stay.

It's been a long journey, though some have had to trek farther, and over many more mountains than I. But I am thankful that He has given me the grace to get through this.

On a lighter note, I'm currently studying for my permit. I'll probably test for it in January. Why so early, you may ask? Well, I'm extremely excited. And I want to pass the first time. :)

Yesterday we had no electricity. Actually, the "fun" began at 11:21 the night before when my mom and I were in the middle of a murder mystery she had received for her birthday earlier that day. The nerve. So we opened up another one, lighted a couple of candles, and watched what we could on the laptop before falling asleep. Yesterday was the hotest day of summer. When we still had no power in the morning, she and I went to Starbucks to use the Internet and find out what was going on. We didn't go to church, since they had no electricity either. Thankfully, four dreadful hours later, we left to spend the rest of the day with friends. Who had air conditioning. And electricity.

And I had the best pie of my life. :)

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