I Actually Have Nothign to Do

I have nothing to do until 4 o'clock. I cleaned my room, did my dishes, have no lesson plans for today. I'm not about to vacuum or put away my clothes (Which are in a basket, tucked away neatly.) and there's nothing for me to find on the Internet. So now I'm "busy" deleting unneccessary programs on my computer. Wow. Life is fascinating, no?
I could read a book. But I don't have any that I'm truly interested in at the moment.
I could go on a photowalk. But I can't-- too hot, too bright. I'm saving my energy and strength for this evening's ballet class.

I want to do something profitable.

I suppose I should vacuum or put away my clothes...



Wordle is extremely addicting, as well as easy to use. I'll be sure to use it in scrapbooking.
Went on a photowalk last week for the first time in months. Not only has it been too hot, I haven't been inspired.

I got one of the actions I uploaded to work. Thank you, Elusive Actions! Adobe? I have a bias against you.

I was excited to finally find some of that beauty I'd been longing for. I took along my iPod and talked to God. I thought about the past and the future. I'm ready to commit to this new church, SCBC, if it's in His will for us to stay.

It's been a long journey, though some have had to trek farther, and over many more mountains than I. But I am thankful that He has given me the grace to get through this.

On a lighter note, I'm currently studying for my permit. I'll probably test for it in January. Why so early, you may ask? Well, I'm extremely excited. And I want to pass the first time. :)

Yesterday we had no electricity. Actually, the "fun" began at 11:21 the night before when my mom and I were in the middle of a murder mystery she had received for her birthday earlier that day. The nerve. So we opened up another one, lighted a couple of candles, and watched what we could on the laptop before falling asleep. Yesterday was the hotest day of summer. When we still had no power in the morning, she and I went to Starbucks to use the Internet and find out what was going on. We didn't go to church, since they had no electricity either. Thankfully, four dreadful hours later, we left to spend the rest of the day with friends. Who had air conditioning. And electricity.

And I had the best pie of my life. :)



Originally uploaded by Bethany Mae Photography
"One step away from breaking down
10 minutes late and I’m totally falling down
And it’s so plain to see
I’m my own worst enemy
One more day and I’ll get it right
I’m a trip, I’m a mess and I’m crying on the inside
That’s why it feels so good to say
That You’re only a prayer away"
--Cadia, 2008

My themesong for the day.

Just when I think things are getting good, *whop!* I mess it up again. Not like I try to. I just do.

This song is an encouragement.

Thank you, Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Originally uploaded by Bethany Mae Photography
A few of my actions made for PS7, not PSE6, actually worked a bit today. It was exciting, as I was also finishing up the last of my first client's photos and putting them on disk for her. I got to redo a few of my favorites with some actions. However, we veiwed them on the new HD monitor, and of course, they looked overblown. So hopefully, they'll look good on my client's computer.


Obsessions of the Moment

I'm obsessed with two things right now: the way of the French and being posh. Perhaps I'd not like to be completely posh, as many who are are quite stuck up. But they do dress well.


Finding the Beauty

The trouble with being an amature photographer, or even simply human, is that it's so hard to find the beauty amoungst that which isn't. Capturing beauty isn't at all difficult. Finding it is. Learning to see that which is unlovely as lovely is.
I've photographed every beautiful thing within walking distance. I have no car, so driving elsewhere is out of the question. My creativity is at an all time low. I'm constantly praying that God would open my eyes to see the beauty within people, within Suburbland where nothing is original.
Now, it's time to photograph the unlovely.


I am glad...

... that memories are starting to make me laugh again.

i don't laugh as much as i used to.

it's a nice feeling.



So yesterday was my birthday. I turned 15.

Before anyone asks, it feels great. Though I am tired. But that's irrelevant.
Before anyone asks, my friend Taylor slept over, we watched murder mysteries, and ate cake while doing it. We also got pizza with cheese-filled crust. Oh yeah. Amazing.
Before anyone asks, some of the things I received are: Adobe Photoshop Elements (it arrives in the mail sometime today...), adorable notecards, a porcleain Sleeping Beauty doll (for the five year old in me), a ton of flamingo stuff, a wonderful Starbucks coffee cup, and $45 total in Starbucks gift cards. Oh yeah. I also got a $30 Amazon gift card but I have no idea what in the world I'll do with it yet.
Life is pretty good.
My sister Noel and I are getting manicures and pedicures together as my birthday gift from her, so we might do that tonight.

We have the worst UPS delivery man in all of America. We get our stuff really late, sometimes even as late as 10. It's ridiculous. So I'm waiting for Adobe Photoshop Elements right now, and of course, it's taking forever. Figures. :)