When I was little, I never thought photography would be on my path. I remember taking lots of pictures on disposable cameras and my first real camera (Two words: Barbie and shiny.) It was a lot of fun, but I didn't know what the heck I was doing! Three years ago, Natasha and I took photos of each other, and there the journey began. She wanted to be an actress, so I took some photos (They turned out pretty crummy!) Then I wanted to be a singer and discovered that I can't model for beans. I kept on shooting, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Then I went to Washington, D.C. Armed with one chunky point & shoot (Canon A80) and two giant packs of batteries, I was able to take over 900 photos in one week. A personal record! I took mostly artistic photos, and unfortunately, whenever I was in it, I looked like a nerd who couldn't do their hair well at all. Anyway, it turned out fine.
A year later, I resurrected my photos, cleaned them up, and put them on CDs and DVDs. I noticed that not all of them stunk. Not much longer after that, I got a Flickr. I put up photos of Natasha, pumpkins, and D.C. And you know what? After I got some practice shooting and editing, people started to like them!
I never thought this would be apart of my life. Most of my family does business or law enforcement. Not many, if anyone, has ventured into the art world. Of course, there were the pianists and singers on my mom's side. But they don't count. :D
It's funny how God works. Always suprising us.

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