All but 1 of my closest friends are six hours north of here. In the mountains. Where they are extremely busy playing paintball, zip lining, rock climbing, and listening to some awesome sermons. And enjoying one another's company. And the beautiful sunshine. And one another's company.

Not like I'm jealous or anything. Pffffft, me? Jealous? Nahhh.
Ok yes, I wish I could be there more than anything!!!!!!!!
Now that I have that out of my system.

This is probably going to be the busiest weekend of my life. This afternoon, my sister has something. Then right after that, I have dance. Then I have to leave dance 15 minutes early, pull on some nice clothes over that, then run to a graduation ceremony I have to be at. Then tomorrow morning I have to get up on time, run to the high school, stay there for a few hours, come home for a couple hours, run back to the high school early, preform, and come home. On Sunday, I have church. And most likely, my first time at the youth group. Ever.
I bought a new hat. It's a straw brim hat with an aqua ribbon around it and a bow in the back. Cute, simple, but old-fashioned. I want to wear it on Sunday, but I'm not quite ready to leash out my freakiness (lol) to the youth group. Why? Two words: GOOD IMPRESSION. I'll wear it when they've already figured out how weird I am and I have nothing to lose. Instead, I'll wear my favorite blue dress, new shoes, and tie my favorite yellow sweater around my shoulders and smile as I brush away my freshly curled hair. See? It'll be great. To my credit, my old fashioned side and favorite blue dress sides are both sides I'd show freely any other time. But these kids are different from those at my old church.

So I'm finally taking steps to redo my room. I haven't painted for five years, and I'd like a change from the purple and green walls. I plan on painting the walls a robin egg color. Theme? Birds and photography, haha. Slightly random, but I like it. I got a new bed and nightstand, and new white curtains for my windows which I tied back with a bunch of ribbons). I also bought a new lamp and lampshade. My favorite new thing I got is a pretty white birdcage and a birdie (robin's egg blue!) to sit happily inside. My mom and I hit a *bunch* of sales yesterday, so I got lots of new little things (I love $1 sales! :D)

My younger sister's 6th grade graduation was a couple days ago. She looked so pretty! I brought my camera with me and was running around photographing it the whole time. Noel was such a good girl-- she looked right at me and gave a beautiful smile a dozen times while I was behind the lens. It brought back a lot of memories from my own 6th grade graduation at that same school. it really wasn't that long ago, but it still made me feel a little old. One more kid to go!
I wonder if I'll be married when Olivia graduates elementary school. She's turning 4 next month. Wow. Scary thoughts, these are!

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