Isn't that just precious? Last weekend I went to my cousin's graduation party. It's hard to believe that he's finished high school. Next year he'll be at the local community college and then move onward towards full-time schools. This boy has some awesome talent in baseball, something I hope he'll continue with.

I had a great time with my camera and talking to my extended family and his about my photography. I learned that his uncle also does a great deal of photography. He was there with his giant camera, snapping away too. Apparently Alan Photoshops as a career-- getting rid of unsightly things in photos. It makes me proud to be related to some who is related to someone who shares in interest.

I get my first client next week. Actually, she's a friend, and she's not paying me. But the opportunity to photograph her like a "real" photographer is an exciting one. Also, I may be doing the portraits for my dance studio next weekend. It's a scary, yet exciting thought, as I may be photographing prospective clients. Thing is, I won't actually be paid. At all. But I may bring some business cards. I'm thinking about Moo cards, as they're just so cute and creative.

I'm also looking into rebuilding my photoblog into a blog and website, as well as purchasing a domain name and the like. It'd make life a lot easier. I'd also love to have someone design it for me, as well as a new logo. However, all of this costs a ridiclous amount and for the moment, I need to a.) Pay about $206 to my dad for my camera, b.) Purchase a good camera bag, c.) Buy a wide angle lens

Ok, perhaps I can wait on the lens....

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