So. Big news: I just bought my first DSLR! Sometime between Friday and next week I will be receiveing the Canon Rebel XT. I got it for a steal-- $412. It was labeled on Amazon as "refurbished" because the outer box was damaged. Isn't that great?! The camera itself is brand new and perfect. It even came with 18-55mm kit lens. I already have two other wonderful lenses, a macro and a more standard one. I am absolutely thrilled! No more point-and-shoots for me! (But I have a super duper sky scraper level of respect for those who use 'em!)

I can hardly wait. I am so excited. My hopes are high and I am just so thankful to God for providing it for me. I totally thought I'd have to wait for months and months. Wow. I am sooooooo elated and excited and giddy!

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