Randomness and First Photos with my DLSR

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today! I wish I didn't have to take a test on biology and instead could go photograph it. Oh well, I'll wait a few hours until it's cooled down a tad more, and when the light isn't so harsh. Yesterday it was sweltering hot until about 7. Hello, summer!

Here are some of my first and favorite photos taken with my Canon Rebel XT. I'm telling you, it's incredible to shoot with such a wonderful piece of machinery. I had the time of my life shooting last night, especially the ones with Natasha and the kids.

You can see the rest on my Flickr.

I found a new blogger today. Her name is Sarah Barlow and she's an incredible photographer. And to tell you the truth, I think she might be a bit of a kindred spirit. I've been enjoying looking at her beautiful photos. I found her via Heather Paulsen's blog Emotional Purity. Check out her blog- it's fascinating to read about someone who has the job I'd love to have.

I'm off to go study for that biology test. Pfffft. :)

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