Ho Hum

I feel like that's been one of my titles before. Oh well.
"I must confess that the veiw from where I sit has been rather gray."-- Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice, 2005. One of my most favorite quotes ever.
Axim is my new favorite word. Thank you, National Treasure 2. Thank you, Riley. The word shall forever be engrained in my mind. Watch as I use it with class:
I always seem to burn my toast. It's the axim of toasting.
I wonder if I used it appropriately...
We're closing in on a church to stay at, I think. It's nice. Very traditional. My old Bible club leader from junior high goes there. He's nice. Very traditional. Don't know anyone my age. The idea of going to another youth group freaks. me. out.
Is there a word for happy and sad at the same time? I used to think it was melancholy, but that's not right. What could it be?
It's springtime but it feels like winter. It feels dreary and monotnous. Perhaps it is the weather.
Washington, D.C. or London sound so beautiful right now. The cherry blossoms are no longer in bloom, but still... I want to be in one of those two places so badly! :) Ah well, I might get to take an East Coast trip in a couple of years.

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