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New photos coming this evening.

Think: black, pink, ballet, tutu, and Odile.

Yes. I'm doing a shoot of Tashi in her tutu from her preformance in The Nutcracker last December. I'm so excited, as we both share a love for dance. She has lovely technique, beautiful lines, and flexibility. Not to mention she is as gorgeous as it gets.

This photo has nothing to do with this afternoon's shoot. But I really like it and felt like putting it up.

I'm redoing my room this summer to make it more of my studio. Right now two walls are lavendar and the other two are a pale green. The curtains on my windows and my closet are purple. It's been this way for about 5 years. I am so tired of it, and so excited to start redecorating! Since two of my biggest interests are photography and dance, those will be incorporated into my room.

I'm going to paint the walls a light aqua. I'm getting a new bed, so I'm going to make sure that the headboard and footboard are white. I'm going to get a bookcase which will also be white, as well as curtains that are white. I'm going to put red and pink accents throughout the room as well.

I can't decide where I want my bed and desk and future bookcase. Ah, decisions, decisions. I don't like my desk anymore, but I don't have any choice but to keep it. Hmmmm!

So, I was invited to a wedding today. In Tulsa, Oklahoma. I wish I could go! The bride was one of my small group leaders for awhile, and a great rolemodel. She is beautfiul, inside and out, and I only wish I could be there on that day! I missed my other small group leader's wedding in August of last year. She is now pregnant and living, well, not here! Sad. :( However, I do get to go to a wedding in July. The groom is the older brother of a friend of mine, and sorta a friend to me as well. Actually, he's a freind to almost everyone... Anyway, I've known the bride's sister for several years too, so I have no doubt it'll be a spectacular wedding. I'm so excited.

I'm getting Do Hard Things today. Sooooooooooooo excited. This book, I have no doubt, will be amazing.

I am so bored.

I should do some math or clean my room. Cleaning my room sounds more fun. I am lame sauce. Oh well! :P

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Anna Naomi said...

I look forward to the pictures! Pink and ballet - what could be better? =)