Today I stumbled upon Jen's blog. She is an incredible artist, a wonderful photographer, and a sweet person. A couple of weeks ago she posted about her favorite ways to relax and calm down when life gets overwhelming. I was inspired to post my own little list.
  1. I pray. I tell God all about my concerns, my fears, my worries. I put them into His hands and remind myself that He is in control, not me.
  2. I turn on some music. My favorites are: the soundtrack to Pride & Prejudice (2005) and George Winston's December. I sometimes close my eyes and breathe deeply.

  3. Make some tea! I am convinced that drinking tea is the most relaxing physical thing you can do (As opposed to spiritual and mental things.) My favorite is, suprisingly, a Lipton. It's called "Island Mango". It's so delicious and works wonders for sore throats. Trust me. I know (Can you say, "Duet in front of people whose opinions you care about and have to see for 2 1/ days straight and you can't leave and you're super nervos AND have a cold"?)
  4. Do something mindless. Some of my favorite activities are knitting, lying on my bed silently, doodling, coloring in a picture (My last one was of the Seven Dwarves!), and excersizing. I also like to clean. I'm most efficient when I'm mad, by the way!
  5. I take a walk. Where I live, we have washes all over the place with a bike trail and fields with phone towers and even though you can see the busiest road in my town from it, somehow it's still incredibly relaxing to walk there. Sometimes no one will be around and I'll belt out heartfelt lyrics with my iPod and don't care, because only God is listening. Often times I'll take my camera with me. Click here to see one of those photographs (I'd post it, but Blogger is being freaky. Speaking of which, so sorry that the header is kinda out of wack. But until a miracle occurs or I become magical, y'all will have to deal. Sorry again!)

What relaxes you?

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