I stared at her picture. What did I see? Sincerity. A genuine love for God and love for others. A beautiful smile. Trustworthiness. Gentleness. Joy. Contentment. Kindness. A good friend. An amazing rolemodel. Wisdom. A desire to be there for others, and the ability to do so. An understanding heart. Purity.

And as I stared at this picture, I prayed, "God, please make me like her!" But then I realized that no, I should be wanting to be like Him. So often to I become consumed with myself and the things of the world. Then I come to face with someone so wonderful as this girl. I compare myself to her and see very, very little in common. Then I compare myself to Christ. And I cannot even be compared. I am not like Him. No one is. In the words of my dear friend LooLoo, "DOUBLE WHAMMY!"

Hm. Suppose I were like this girl. Would I say that? Would I be the epitomy of proud and say, "Yes, I am most like her! In fact, I top her in this, this, oh, and this too." I hope not.

Perhaps, I study people too much. Perhaps I study their behavior, how they speak, what they do. Perhaps, instead, I should be studying Christ-- His behavior, how He spoke (and still speaks through His Word), and what He did. We are all sinners. He is the one worth imitating. Then again, it isn't wrong to imitate a human. If I choose to do so, it should be because they are imitataing Christ.

So, yeah.

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