The Bible

Thank you, Anonymous, for your reply! I'd be more than happy to answer any other questions you have. I've been enjoying our conversation and hope it continues.

I believe in the Bible more than I believe in any other thing on this earth (Excluding God, of course, because He wrote it!). His Word is perfect, and I know this to be true. I go to it when I am hurting, when I am rejoicing, when I am confused. It truly does have all of the answers. I love it so dearly.

I am not perfect. I make so many mistakes. I do wrong things every day and make bad choices. But by the grace and strength of God, I get up again and fight harder to be more like Him. To imitate Him and do what He says is right. It's hard. It truly is. But knowing that I'm pleasing Him, and even moreso, knowing that I get to spend eternity with Him is so worth it! Christ and His Word-- they are worth it all. I would live my life and give my life for them. And I do try to live my life for Him. And like I said, I make numerous mistakes. We all do. It's apart of the fall (Check out the book of Genesis to see exactly what I mean! Here's a link that explains the fall of man and it's effects, but reading the beginning of Genesis really helps one to understand.)

You know, I've had the same questions you've been asking me. I've asked myself if God really exists, if the Bible really is true, and countless others. But then I go back to His Word, and I see once again, that He is real! And the Bible is true! There is no way it couldn't be.

I don't know if you've read any other parts of my blog. If you have, then you know what an incredibly hard time I'm going through. I was ripped away from my all of my friends and being in the place I love more than so many other things. If I didn't have God or His Word, I'd be in a terrible state. I'd feel hopeless because I had nothing to hope for. I'd be depressed because in my eyes, Id have no reason to have joy. I'd have no reason to live, because my reason to do so before was taken away. But because of God, I have hope!

Anonymous, do you know where you'll go when you die? Heaven? Or Hell? Are you good enough to get into Heaven? To be in the presence of a perfect and righteous God?

Before you misunderstand me, I'm not saying I am. No, I am most certainly not deserving of God or being with Him! But for some reason, He loved me and died for me. I cannot know exactly why! But He did. He payed the price, the cost that I should have payed. I shouldn't even be here today. I deserve to be suffering in Hell. But for whatever reason, He loved me. And because I believe in Him (not only in the sense of merely acknowledging Him, but truly desiring to be like Him and live for Him, etc.) I have hope that I'm going to be with Him! I have joy and peace in knowing Him.

Even when I don't understand why God does what He does, I can know that He's doing it for a reason that is perfect. I can know that in the end, He will be glorified. I live for Him because He died for me.

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