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Does not this photo remind you of something terribly wicked? It does for me.

Yesterday evening I needed to get outside to be abel to think and pray. I decided to bring my camera and I am so glad I did! This may perhaps be one of my favorite shots I've ever taken. Yes, I did some photo manip--just contrast--but I think it makes the real vibrance of the photo come alive.

I once read that when you use photo-manip, it's only to make the veiwer see what you saw. This is what I saw.

I realized today that my 5 year old point & shoot is not an excuse for bad photos. Plenty of people have taken amazing shots with their Canon Powershot A80. Maybe not me, but perhaps someday. I have not learned all I can yet. I can still learn much, much more on this poor camera.

I'm considering taking a photography class in the fall. My only question is: do I want someone dictating what I should take pictures of or how or this technique or that? But perhaps it would be good for me. It would allow me to broaden my horizons and give me new experience. It would also give me the opportunity to get help and use resources I've never had. hm. Somethin to chew on.

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