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I had an epiphany today. My day with some of my amazing, spectacular friends was ending, and I was staring at the bench two of them were sitting on. And it hit me.

I am a really rude person.

I'm sarcastic, I speak too quickly, I am not gracious or loving the majority of the time, I tease beyond what is kind. I'm sure I'm quite obnoxious many times when I go out in public. Laughing loudly, making a fool of myself, speaking rudely about strangers-- I'm pathetic. And I get annoyed when others do the same thing.

I'm ashamed.

I've been so busy humiliating myself, I haven't realized how great of an embarassment I must be to my friends. I can think of multiple instances today where I surely could have humiliated myself, my friends, and society!

How humbling...

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