Funny Bones

I sometimes wonder if I have scoliosis. My back hurts after a few hours of walking around or sitting up straight. Oh well. it's most likely inherited from my mother-- she's notorious for having back problems, lol. Slouching is so very comfortable!

Oooh, I also have issues with my knees. If I put most of my weight on one leg for a couple of minutes or longer (I'm like a flamingo) my knee kills for several seconds as I limp off. So I have to change legs pretty often. Walking up or down hills is hard too- something in my knee gets displaced and I actually have to fix it myself. It's not particularly painful, just bothersome and irritating. I have to keep my legs stick straight when doing things like this.

My neck hurts often too. Nothing helps that, lol!

All of this to say that I'm not complaining. You may say, "Oh, yeah right!" But it's true. there are people who have to have multiple surgeries to fix their medical problems. As far as I know, I don't. I'm so thankful to God for this blessing and my aches and pains are nothing in comparison to the things friends, acquaintances, and siblings-in-Christ I have met online have to go through. I don't pray for them enough. I should. Every time I feel a little achy, I should pray for someone in need. It's no use complaining, I've learned. I really should never complain unless something is seriously wrong. I'm ashamed of myself. I'm far too spoiled I suppose. I've never gone through wrenching physical pain that has disabled me from doing the things I love. God has been too good to me. But at least through my wimpy little pains, I can lean to sympathize at least a little bit for those in true need, of not only help medically, but eternal security. Count it all joy, my bretheren!


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