Thanks, Anne

There is nothing like watching Anne of Green Gables (Anne with an e, thank you) to life one's spirits.

Of this I am certain.


Funny Bones

I sometimes wonder if I have scoliosis. My back hurts after a few hours of walking around or sitting up straight. Oh well. it's most likely inherited from my mother-- she's notorious for having back problems, lol. Slouching is so very comfortable!

Oooh, I also have issues with my knees. If I put most of my weight on one leg for a couple of minutes or longer (I'm like a flamingo) my knee kills for several seconds as I limp off. So I have to change legs pretty often. Walking up or down hills is hard too- something in my knee gets displaced and I actually have to fix it myself. It's not particularly painful, just bothersome and irritating. I have to keep my legs stick straight when doing things like this.

My neck hurts often too. Nothing helps that, lol!

All of this to say that I'm not complaining. You may say, "Oh, yeah right!" But it's true. there are people who have to have multiple surgeries to fix their medical problems. As far as I know, I don't. I'm so thankful to God for this blessing and my aches and pains are nothing in comparison to the things friends, acquaintances, and siblings-in-Christ I have met online have to go through. I don't pray for them enough. I should. Every time I feel a little achy, I should pray for someone in need. It's no use complaining, I've learned. I really should never complain unless something is seriously wrong. I'm ashamed of myself. I'm far too spoiled I suppose. I've never gone through wrenching physical pain that has disabled me from doing the things I love. God has been too good to me. But at least through my wimpy little pains, I can lean to sympathize at least a little bit for those in true need, of not only help medically, but eternal security. Count it all joy, my bretheren!



Works for Me Wednesday

I wasn't sure what to post about today, so I decided to write about my moisturizer. I know. Moisturizer. I can hear you saying now, Oh, come on! But really. My moisturizer is incredible and it works for me.

I use Clean & Clear by Johnson & Johnson and it had not yet failed me. I've tried several moisturizers/acne medications and nothing works like this one. I use CLEAN & CLEAR® ADVANTAGE® Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer and it works brilliantly. As soon as I rub it into my skin, I feel so fresh- like I just took a shower. It's oil-free yet doesn't dry up my skin. Almost 100% of the time I have a clear complexion (it doesn't take care of my odd redness problem, but it certainly helps). It only takes a few days to clear up anything that does not belong there and smooths out my skin. Also, this moisturizer faithfully removes any make-up I wear. Actually, I don't even need to wear powder, cover-up, or foundation because it works so well.

I love this stuff. It works for me!

Too... many... brownies

Tonight is my youth group's Christmas party. I wasn't quite sure what to bring for the white elephant gift exchange, but I desired to bring something both a guy or girl might enjoy.

3 boxes of brownie mix, 2 mixing bowls, 3 pans, and 1 utensil to stir later, I have two paper plates just full of brownies and Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges. The perfect winter afternoon in my opinion, but we'll see.

I tried using cling wrap to wrap them. The first plate came out looking like it just went through the world's first cling wrap disaster and the second just looks nice. It's ridiculous and I think I'll rewrap the second one later. If I have time.

It's been raining off and on for the past couple days. Today I'd like to do a photoshoot of Tashi (my favorite model ever) but we'll see what happens with the weather. We also want to watch Return of the Daughters again together, each of us taking notes. It's quite the afternoon ahead of us.

Especially for me. I have to get 2.5 lessons of algebra done. I'm just hoping against hope that it's easy. I already did enough history yesterday to get at least today's done, but I'm slipping in English and Bible and Biology. I'll probably work on Bible during break, as well as reading for English. But I still have to study for a test and then take the test in biology, my worst subject.

Taylor and I have decided to sing Blue Skies for the youth group talent show at camp in February. We almost have it down. But we've been trouble getting a hold of the accompaniment music. We're very excited and don't sound half bad, which is a very good thing.

I hope to get some good shots this afternoon of both Tashi and the very wet nature around us. Everything is more beautiful after the rain. Of this I am certain.

Yesterday I took a walk in the rain. Wearing jeans, my corduroy jacket, pale green waterproof shoes, and a pink/purple polk-a-dotted umbrella, I got a few odd glances. But then again, most of the time I spent alone with God, not really caring what they thought. I was really arguing with myself and telling Him all about it. Oh, for the wonder of Heaven I long. Days seem so deary and hopeless at times.

I tend to have the oddest dreams. They have been getting weirder and weirder and are very distracting in many ways. They always deal with the desires of my heart. I wish I wouldn't dream of the things I do. I stumble a little when this happens. Praise be to God who is faithful and able.

Well, I am off to do school.


A Sweet Hand Scrub

I'm sure this post sounds so silly, but do I care? Not a bit.

Last night I made a hand scrub. I used Meredith's altered recepie. Usually I don't try and make anything on my own because I never have the necessary ingredients. But seeing Meredith successfully subsitute with her own ingredients, I figured it was too simple not to give it a try.

I divided her recepie in half, using:

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable oil (I've heard coconut oil works better, but I couldn't open the jar... hehe)
  • 2 tsp. of imitation vanilla.

I also added some sugar free maple syrup. This really gave the perfect texture and scent. Honestly, my hands have never been softer. I am so pleased! It smells just like cookie dough, and doesn't taste half bad. Other natural ingredients such as honey, strawberry, or coconut could have been added for a different taste and texture. Don't worry about the measurements too much. It takes some personal refinement, adding more of what you prefer to get the best result.

Since I had no pure aloe on hand (I never do, but would like to!) I just quickly rub on some lotion afterward. I can't tell you how amazing my hands feel!

I should make things my myself more often. I'm thinking some olive oil face masks and conditioner? We'll see. :)



Welcome to my little corner of the world.

I'm Bethany, and I love God more than any other thing.

My purpose for this blog is many. I desire to fill it with interesting things, stories about my life, and whatever else may come out of my fingers. I pray that it may glorify God.